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The bachelor degree in Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics is structured in a single curriculum. The first two years are devoted to core courses. In the third year, instead, the students will have common courses and the possibility of choosing elective courses in their areas of interest.

Year I (60 CFU)

Teaching (Italian) Sector TAF CFU
Calculus I MAT/05 A 9
Linear Algebra with Elements of Geometry MAT/03 A 6
Introduction to Programming and Laboratory INF/01 A 12
English   E 3
Calculus II MAT/05 A 9
Computer Architecture and Operating Systems INF/01 A 6
Probability Theory MAT/06 A 6
Introduction to Physics FIS/01 A 9

Year II (60 CFU)

Teaching (Italian) Sector TAF CFU
Methods and Mathematical Models for Artificial Intelligence MAT/05 A 6
Databases INF/01 B 9
Statistical Inference SECS-S/01 C 9
Algorithms and Data Structures​        INF/01 B 6
Optimization Algorithms         MAT/09 C 6
Computability, Complexity and Logic     INF/01 B 9
Ethical, social, and legal aspects of Artificial Intelligence M-FIL/03, SPS/07, IUS/01 F 3
Data Analytics SECS-S/01 C 6
Numerical Analysis MAT/08 A 6

Year III (60 CFU)

Teaching (Italian) Sector TAF CFU
Advanced and Parallel Programming INF/01 B 9
Introduction to Machine Learning (Part A) INF/01 B 6
Introduction to Machine Learning (Part B) INF/01 B 9
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence INF/01 B 9
Information Theory and Complex Systems (Part A) FIS/02 C 6
Information Theory and Complex Systems (Part B) INF/01 B 6
Exams chosen by the student   D 12
Final Exam     3