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The goal of the bachelor degree in Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics is to give the student a strong methodological and foundational preparation in Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, and Statistics. This allows to introduce the students to the methods and technologies of the modern Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics.

The focus of this degree is on techniques and applications of machine learning, based on data and formal methods as found in the study of complex systems. More traditional Artificial Intelligence techniques will also be explored, as the ones founded on logic and automated reasoning. Techniques and methods to manage and analyse data, as the ones found in Data Science, will also be part of the course.

The degree in Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics also want to give an in-depth knowledge of the fundamental methodologies and techniques, thus allowing the student to update his/her more specific technical knowledge and keep up with the fast developments and this sector. The knowledge in artificial intelligence and data analytics can be studied in depth during a master degree.

The graduate in Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics can also enter into the business world as a software and Artificial Intelligence developer, data analyst, and data manager.