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How to Apply

The bachelor degree in Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics does not involve a selection process.

To be admitted to the course you need to have an Italian High School diploma or an equivalent foreign diploma. It is also necessary to know the English language at least to a B1 level. Such knowledge is verified via language certifications or by taking an exam with the Centro Linguistico d’Ateneo.

To enrol, one needs to follow the instructions from the university website

The students who enroll to the first year of the degree in Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics must take an orientation and evaluation test which is non-selective (more information on how to register to the test), with the aim of check the ability of performing logical-deductive reasoning, the preparation for the study of the first year courses, and to find possible gaps in the preparation.

The test is the TOLC-S from CISIA ( The test is passed with a mark of 18 (eighteen) or higher. The test can be taken from the University of Trieste in the sessions of March, April, July, or September. An additional recovery test will be performed in October. To fulfill this requirement, the TOLC-S or TOLC-I tests, even if taken in other universities, will be considered sufficient.

Not passing the test does not affect the possibility of enrolling to the degree, but it generates an educational debt that will be recovered by passing the Analysis I exam, form the first semester of the first year.

A student that has not recovered the educational debt during the first year can still enroll to the second year, but he/she will not be able to take second year exams until the Analysis I exam has been passed.

To help recovering the educational debt, mentoring and tutoring initiatives will be made available.

A failure to meet the requirements in the English language knowledge also generates an additional educational debt, that can be recovered by passing a language proficiency test for B1 level English. Training initiatives will be organized in order to help the students recovering this educational debt. Obtaining a B1 proficiency in English is a requirement to obtain the linguistic proficiency credits, as required in the study plan.

Registration to the test

Before starting, we suggest to follow the TUTORIAL on the CISIA page where the entire registration procedure is detailed.
Once registered on the CISIA website, you have to register to the TOLC-S in one of the proposed dates and locations.

Among the proposed location you will find the University of Trieste. There are multiple TOLC sessions available in the University and they will take place in the computer lab 3A of the H2bis building, Via Valerio 12/1, on September 7, 8, and 9 (two shifts each day with 30 available places each).

It is also planned a recovery session on October 4  for the students of the first year that have not taken the test or that, even if they have taken it, have not reached the minimum required threshold (at least 18 points without the English part).

If in 2022 you have passed (at least 18 points) the TOLC-S or the TOLC-I in any participating Italian university, the test is considered valid for accessing the study course without any educational debt.

Remark: Present yourself at the chosen test with a valid identity document (the same used when registering) and the receipt of payment and registration for the test.

In case of disability and / or learning disability, after registering with the TOLC, fill in the application for the services requested from the University of Trieste at least 15 days before the test, to agree on the specific supports required, in accordance with the provisions of current regulations.
The contact details of the University Services Offices are, phone: 040 558 2570/7663 and, phone: 040 558 7792

COVID Emergency

Due to the COVID emergency, all students who come to take the TOLC test in 2022 must comply with certain rules of behaviour, which are also available on this page (in italian).